Many hands make the load lighter.
ugh Cholera

No cholera…yet. LCS is really stepping up hygiene procedures. We are trying to do the best we can to prevent an outbreak of Cholera, at the school. Anyone entering the campus must wash their hands at the gate, and students must wash their hands before entering the cafeteria. We have sent up temporary wash stations in both locations. It is good to teach the students to be proactive when combating something like this. Let’s just hope that the precautions that LCS has taken will prevent the school from having issues. We have also started to add extra bleach to the water. Sometimes, we add way too much and it isn’t drinkable because it tastes like straight bleach. Oops. I just hope that this does not wreak havoc on the school year and be what determines my volunteer year. I still can’t believe that Cholera is in Haiti. It has taken the world by surprise. It will be interesting to see how this disease made it to Haiti.

I took a break from teaching my typical computer class to talk about cultural differences and body language. It is easy to misread body language when you are not in your native country. In Haiti, it is rude to look your elders in the eye. So, if a mom was scolding her child, the child should not look at her. In this situation, it would be appropriate to cross your hands and stare at the ground. Like I said, it can be difficult to read body language is a new country. I’m just glad that I finally learned about some of these differences. I was starting to get really frustrated because I thought some of these actions were being directed at me or that the students just didn’t like me. But, the more I learn the more relax I am, knowing that it is a cultural difference. The cultural conversations were fun and interesting for some classes and it was like pulling teeth in others.

I am really enjoying my time here. This school is doing so many great things and the students are wonderful. The worst part of teaching is the endless grading! I cannot believe the amount of grading that I have procrastinated for my Spanish classes. I love standing in front of the class and talking to the students outside of class, but man, the freaking grading. It is a great feeling when the class go well but, when they don’t, it kind of sucks.

Now, it is time to relax and enjoy the long weekend. ☺

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